penicillic acid :

2: Vet Res Commun 2001 Apr;25(3):205-23  

Experimental mycotoxic nephropathy in pigs provoked by a diet containing ochratoxin A and penicillic acid.

Stoev SD, Vitanov S, Anguelov G, Petkova-Bocharova T, Creppy EE.

Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Thracian University, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Mycotoxic nephropathy was induced in 18 young pigs by diets contaminated with strains of Aspergillus ochraceus containing ochratoxin A (OTA) and penicillic acid (PA) at levels corresponding to those naturally encountered in animal feeds in Bulgaria. Haematological and biochemical parameters, as well as the morphological and ultrastructural changes in various internal organs, and especially in the kidneys, were examined at different stages of development of the disease. A mottled surface of the kidneys was only seen in pigs exposed to a mouldy diet containing 180 ppb OTA for 3 months, but microscopic lesions, as well as changes in various haematological and biochemical parameters, were observed in all groups exposed to the same mouldy diet containing only 90 or 180 ppb OTA. Histological examination showed two types of change: degenerative changes affecting the epithelial cells of the proximal tubules, which predominated at the initial stage, and proliferative changes in the interstitium, which predominated at the later stage of the disease. Telangiectasis and lymph stasis were also seen, as well as degenerative changes in the capillary endothelium. The characteristic renal lesions were similar to those observed in spontaneous cases of mycotoxic porcine nephropathy in Bulgaria, but they were a little different from the classic Danish porcine nephropathy. The enhanced toxicity of OTA in our study may be due to a synergistic effect between OTA and PA or to some other unknown metabolites produced by the same ochratoxinogenic strains of A. ochraceus.

PMID: 11334150




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